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Creating ballistic glass systems to protect lives and property.

This world is violent and unpredictable, you need to be able to protect what is important to you. National Ballistic Systems is a leader in bullet resistant ballistic glass installation. The National Ballistic Systems team can help you protect employees and, God forbid, children when violence does inevitably make its way to your doorstep.

Ballistic glass or bullet resistant glass, as it is also commonly known, is a strong, transparent material that will react with resistance when it is struck with force. This bulletproof glass for home use or commercial use is quite different than the ordinary glass found on the market. The glass options offered by ballistic glass system suppliers like National Ballistic Systems are made from multiple layers of glass and a tough interlayer of plastics. It is important to understand that ballistic resistant glass is thicker than any single pane of ordinary glass but it is surprisingly light for the durability and protection it offers.

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How Ballistic Proof Glass for Sale Works

When a projectile hits ballistic glass, the energy spreads sideways through each layer. The dispersal of the energy across a number of different pieces of plastic and glass allow the energy to be absorbed quickly. This process causes the projectile to slow so much that it no longer has the power to pierce or allow additional damage. Think of ballistic resistant glass as an “energy absorber” and you then will have a working understanding of how ballistic glass for sale on the market works.

Unlike the glass produced by bullet resistant glass manufacturers, traditional glass is not able to absorb energy gradually and instead will shatter when hit with a projectile. This means that ordinary glass does not offer protection against bullets: it will not absorb their energy and it will not slow them.

Tell Me What Kind of Bulletproof Glass I Need

The keystone to an effective bulletproof glass system is the right ballistic glass. Each choice you make in bulletproof store glass, or ballistic glass for home use, will impact your protection level. Mistakes and project delays can be avoided by choosing to work with National Ballistic Systems. The experts on our team are prepared to be your bullet resistant glass system supplier and help you protect your future.

The ballistic glass experts from National Ballistic Systems will help you explore the many options, and work with you to determine the appropriate protection level. We will then build a solution that lines-up with your budget, schedule and potential threat level.

Bullet Resistant or Ballistic Proof Security Glass System for Home

Active Shooter Protection

Save Lives / Protect Properties

NIJ Level 2 – 357 Magnum & 9 mm

  • Weighs less than 6.6 lbs a sqft
  • 9/16″ thick including film
  • Fits into standard storfront frames
  • Less expensive than other options

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